An invitation to a new way of being and a life-changing path like no other for the gifted, purposeful woman.

Build Your Dream Coaching Business While Healing Yourself and Travelling The World

Step into a one-of-a-kind holistic path to build a thriving coaching practice through inner transformation and healing, so you can have both the business and the life of your dreams!

Finally, a holistic path specifically designed for the multi-passionate, ambitious woman like you to contribute all your gifts while healing and transforming your life financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

For far too long, you’ve made choices which require sacrifices.

It’s either a thriving marriage or a thriving career. It’s either fulfilling your children’s needs or fulfilling your needs. It’s either caring for others or caring for your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It’s either do what you love or do what is “safe”.

Each time you have to make a choice, it feels like a small part of you dies. And over time, all these choices deplete you.

What if you don’t have to make these tough choices anymore?

It’s time to replace your “buts” with “ands”...

What if you could replace your “buts” with “ands”? Because think about it, every time you feel like you have to make a choice which require sacrifice, there’s a “but” in there somewhere. And it’ll probably sound something like this.

I want to follow my passions BUT I need the financial security

I want to earn more money BUT I don’t want to hurt my husband if I start earning more than him

I want to have the freedom to travel BUT I need to be there for my family

However, just one small mindshift to replace all the “buts” with “ands” will lead you to…

I want to follow my passions AND have financial security

I want to earn more money AND have a supportive husband who is proud if I start earning more than him

I want to have the freedom to travel AND be there for my family

You can unlock an abundant life of possibilities as a transformational coach!

Maybe you’ve already considered becoming a coach, but you just don’t know how. Or maybe this is the first time the idea of becoming a coach has come to you. Either way, you probably have the burning question:

Why should I become a transformational coach?

Here’s some solid reasons: 


Life coaching or transformational coaching is the second fastest growing industry in 2017. National Post stated:
“Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology… Coaching has evolved into a much more sophisticated profession based on knowledge from any other disciplines.”


Transformational coaching is a way for you to combine all your talents, passion, life experience and personal growth into ONE business which allows you to SHINE as your true self


As a transformational coach, you can work online from anywhere in the world or host and attend retreats globally, which means you’ll have both time freedom and financial freedom to travel with family while earning income


The path to being a transformational coach will in itself transform your own life, which supports instead of conflicts with family life and responsibilities. What this means is you can:

Have a thriving business with a consistent 5-figure income and purpose

AND have a wonderful marriage built on the foundation of love and deen

AND have a deep, empowering relationship with your children

AND have a close kinship with family, friends and community

AND heal, grow and transform as a person emotionally, physically and spiritually

If the idea of having all of these deeply resonates with your heart and calls out to your soul, then you’re at the right place because the Healing with Hind Coaching Academy will lead you on a path to achieve all these, InshaAllah (God Willing).

This 12-month programme will inspire and educate YOU to learn how to consistently make $5-$10K months in your business as a transformative coach, mentor, counsellor, or educator without having to sacrifice your family, marriage, health, spiritual connection with Allah SWT, or anything else you’ve worked so hard to achieve in your life.

Come join me and a community of gifted, passionate women from around the world on this unique approach of unleashing your gifts to serve others from a higher level, and transforming every other area of your life through a powerful path of inner transformation and healing!

Hind Adeagbo

Hind Adeagbo
Founder of Healing with Hind

How can “Healing with Hind Coaching Academy” help you create the balance you need to move you forward financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

On your 12-month path at the Healing with Hind Coaching Academy, the simple act of focusing on healing yourself to attain an inner balance will transform all areas of your life.

The foundation of this approach is based on the philosophy of transforming our internal selves to transform our external lives, just as Allah SWT has promised in the Quran:

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

~ Quran, Chapter 13 Verse 11

Here are the 4 main stages of the internal healing and transformation process you’ll experience on your journey in the Healing with Hind Coaching Academy.


Identify the patterns which hold you back and are no longer serving you.

When you are in your own head, every story you tell yourself makes sense and every excuse is justified. But this is exactly what keeps you stuck, stressed and overwhelmed. In the Healing with Hind Coaching Academy, you’ll experience a proven coaching process to peel away the blind spots and identify the dysfunctional patterns you are subconsciously operating from.


Heal the past and release the negativity surrounding those limiting patterns.

Once you identify the dysfunctional patterns you subconsciously operate from, you’ll be able to heal and release the negative emotions attached to it such as anger and resentment. You’ll no longer be subconsciously chained to these unhealthy patterns of operation and negativity which have been holding you back from a life of joy and abundance.


Design new behaviour patterns and habits which empower you.

Next, you’ll learn how to design new patterns to support building your dream business and life. Self-sabotaging patterns like playing small, cycles of passive-aggression, procrastination, perfectionism and paralysing fear will melt away and be replaced with clarity, confidence and purpose. You’ll be empowered to show up differently in life, and people will respond differently to you too.


Enjoy growth and transformation across all areas of your life.

When you operate from a new place of empowerment, you’ll unlock barakah, peace and flow. As one area of your life heals, it supports the healing of other areas. It’s now so easy to handle all your different roles because instead of conflicting with each other, they support each other seamlessly. You now have balance to serve others powerfully without sacrificing yourself or your dreams.

Introducing your transformative path to create abundance and wealth in all areas of your life

Here’s How “Healing with Hind Coaching Academy” Works


You’ll have access to 12 powerful modules and activities (A value of £2,500)

Each module is released every 2 weeks over the duration of the program. Six modules are designed to take you through the process of healing and transformation, simultaneously building the foundation for personal transformation and coaching skills. The other six modules give you the tools to make a business out of supporting others.


90-minute group calls each month (A value of £10,000)

For support and guided access through the modules.


Six 30-minute one-to-one coaching sessions (A value of £6,000)

For additional focus and guidance in your personal healing journey or coaching pursuits.


Expert Interviews and Masterclasses (A value of £1,500)

Learn from successful fellow entrepreneurs, including 6- and 7-figure business owners, and various experts about personal development, healing, and business building, parenting, relationship building, and mindset development.


Private Facebook Support Group (A value of £2,000)

You’ll join a private community of like-minded women from around the world who are building a business on self-identified terms, at a personal pace, and with similar values. Here in this supportive environment, you can open up, be yourself, and feel safe to share your trials, failures, and triumphs with other women on the same journey.


Member of the Healing With Hind Network (A Value of £4,728)

You’ll foster deep relationships and community with other sisters on whom you can call for support, not only in your business but in your way of life, family life, and health, in addition to having two group coaching calls per month.

Create Impact as You Heal … Earn as You Learn!

Your 12-month path in the Healing with Hind Coaching Academy isn’t just informational theory on how to become a coach. It’s an experiential, inside out approach to experience the transformation for yourself so you can powerfully lead others on the same transformational path.

You’ll additionally have all the support you need to build your coaching business, find new clients, and start creating impact — even before you finish the 12-month programme! — so you can create impact as your heal and earn as you learn.

The best part is it’s not overwhelming! This isn’t a program that requires hours of class time each week. Each lesson is designed to be short, but extremely powerful to shift your patterns, for the busy woman like you. It is based on my own healing and path to building a 6-figure business, and I’m going to give you the most effective techniques and quickest path so you can do it too with ease, joy and clarity.

My Story from Healing to Fulfillment

I always wanted a big family, and the early years of motherhood kept me busy as my children were closely spaced. My dream was to be a doula and breastfeeding counselor, but I didn’t pursue it because I thought it would take time away from my young family.

I spent days and nights caring for them, but at the cost of neglecting myself. I slowly lost strength and stamina until my fifth child died in childbirth, and I crashed. After suffering a postpartum hemorrhage, years of self-neglect hit me with full force. I lacked the physical and mental strength to care for myself and my kids the way I wanted.

Part of working through my postpartum depression meant designing a new life and way forward that included ME. I finally gave myself permission to pursue my dream and began my training as a doula. I consciously made a commitment to never neglect myself again.

But after the birth of my seventh child, not only did my health crash again but I also went through severe hardship in my marriage. This search led me to become a certified Integrative Health Coach with IIN, committing to healing the past, face old emotional wounds, and connect the dots between my second health crash and long-standing emotional trauma. After a year of doing deeper work, I discovered that lack of self-love was really at the core of my story. In search for true and deep change, I further trained in transformational coaching and business so I could have the means to heal financially as my inner journey unfolds.

As I healed emotionally, I gained many tools to begin healing my marriage. I also applied the lessons of my own transformation to grow a health coaching business and began healing financially. Alhamdulillah today, I now run a 6-figure business as a transformational coach, supporting and guiding women to have the success they are looking for, both in and out of their homes.

Here’s exactly what you’ll experience on your 12-month path of inner healing and transformation to build a purposeful business and thriving life of your dreams.

The Healing With Hind Coaching Academy was created for the multi-passionate Muslim women with big dreams, and would like to make those dreams a reality.

Through learning the process of transformation and applying it to your own life, you’ll learn how to combine your talents and use those same transformational skills you applied in your own life to launch a service based or coaching business which gives you consistent income and impact with ease.

To help you do this, the Academy curriculum is divided into two parts; Transformational Healing and Business.

Part 1: Transformational Healing

These modules are the only ones required for graduation. You have the option to use these modules to experience healing in your own life and to restructure your business for more financial ease without burnout.

You can’t know where you’re going without a clear plan and direction. In this module, you’ll gain clarity for this journey by:

  • Connecting with your deepest desires, setting intentions, and reconnecting to your deen as a foundation for your success
  • Understanding how different areas of your life could prevent you from reaching your goals and potentials so you can move past your internal barriers

Knowing exactly what to focus on so you can build health and success in your life and business without overwhelm

It’s time to discover and break free from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. When you become self-aware, you’ll be able to clear out the unnecessary, release barriers and finally let go so you can be your truest and most brilliant self in the world. In this module:

  • You’ll create a version of yourself that you’ll love, with a mindset for success and the ability to set targeted goals and follow through
  • Identify, eliminate, and replace unhealthy patterns that aren’t serving you

Develop a mindset around healing, success, abundance, and increasing confidence.

Energy and health are the foundations that allow you to be and do anything worthwhile in the personal and business arenas of your life. In this module, you will:

  • Get my personal help to evaluate your health and energy situation
  • Learn how to design and implement a healthy self-care regime and habits

Begin walking on a new path that will build abundant health and skyrocketing energy

Receiving is truly an art and is often so difficult for high-achieving women. In this module you’ll:

  • Learn how to be vulnerable, receive with ease, and open the flow of money and love into your life
  • Assess your financial situation, including your money story, past habits

Embark upon any healing you need so you can step towards the financial abundance of your dreams

Our emotions can greatly impact and limit our success in life and business. How we feel is often connected to experience things. In this module, you’ll:

  • Gain awareness on how your emotions are limiting you in business in life
  • Gain insights so you can confidently and fully place your trust in Allah without a shred of doubt which could subconsciously sabotage you

Master your emotions so you will not let the way you feel about things dictate your reality

In this final transformational healing module you will:

  • Learn how to integrate all of your new skills, self-discoveries, and breakthroughs
  • Develop a dynamic action plan that catapults you to success

Re-evaluate your roadmap as we take things full circle by looking at any remaining goals, steps, and layers you need to heal, so you can accomplish what you want in your life and business.

Part 2: Business Building

The business modules are meant for support and you will not be required to submit them for graduation. They are designed to give you the business foundation to create a 5-figure coaching business with ease.

This module is truly exciting and exhilarating. Here, you will:

  • Get all the foundational tools you’ll need as a new coach to have a successful coaching business, in sha Allah.
  • Discover who you want to work with and define your ideal client

Understand your target market and design your signature system or first coaching program, in sha Allah.

To help you create a business that is sustainable, you’ll need engaging content which builds a following. Here, you’ll learn the foundations of this by:

  • Concentrating on the support and encouragement you need to really build your confidence
  • Refocus on your “why” in terms of starting a coaching business

Learn how to channel your confidence and your “why” to create engaging content

The next module is designed to get you on the path of earning as you heal and learn. In this module, you will:

  • Get the tools and support to help you secure your first paying client as a coach
  • Learn how to develop and sharpen your coaching skills

Receive step-by-step guidance on how to run coaching sessions and establish your coaching practice

Selling is a service. It is through selling that you will be able to impart your gifts to the world, while also benefiting yourself as much as you do for others insha Allah. In this module, you will:

  • Understand and how to successfully navigate all the elements of the sales process, including onboarding clients into your business.
  • Discover how to conduct sales and discovery calls with confidence and ease so you can consistently sign up new clients

Address any mindset blocks you have surrounding selling and receiving

By producing content, you can communicate with your target market and ideal client, sell your services, and grow an audience. In this module, you will:

  • Learn the communication basics and skills of producing content, choosing a platform, and forming a message that speaks to your offer
  • Have access to a series of trainings of business boot camps for accelerated success

Get support and training on various marketing strategies including starting a blog, podcast, FB group, and creating an email list and lead magnet

This module is designed to support you to take massive imperfect action on all skills learned through the certification program. There is no new material introduced, rather you will:

  • Use this time to evaluate where you are at
  • Take time to implement what you have not been able to do
  • Plan the next steps of growing your business

See how other gifted and passionate women like you fulfilled their coaching dreams and achieved a thriving life by becoming a certified Healing with Hind coach.

I joined the Coaching Academy to gain focus and discipline in my business, and to work for a better balance with my family life, volunteering and paid services. Not only have I gained clarity, and a greater value of my time, but I’ve also gained a supportive community and friendships. Hind is a great facilitator and transformational coach, and (no buts!). She’s also humble and discrete in the way she brings it all together masha Allah. May Allah increase her in good and everyone who wants to travels the journey with her.
Umm Nour
The reason I joined the coaching academy was because I needed guidance on how to get out of my negative circle and get emotional healed. I now focus more on myself and my needs, and have extra energy throughout the day to take care of myself and my family. I have also started to workout and this has had a huge positive impact on me. I’ve actively worked on my mindset, and concentrated on what benefits me while at the same to let go of destructive and negative thoughts. My ability to stay motivated and positive has improved a lot lately. I remind myself of my achievements and successes, and try to build upon that to reach my goals. One of my goals is to start my own coaching business, and to help and uplift other women who have been in a similar situation as me. I am currently establishing my business and taking on my first clients. I am in a phase of developing my skills to build this business in a professional and beneficial way, inshaAllah.
Fazila Mahmoud
Nordic Life Coach
I decided to sign up for Healing with Hind after realizing that I need support with motivation to do the things that will bring me closer to my goals. I wanted to improve my health, and be more productive in life by mastering time management. My inner health required attention as well, since I had been in the habit of destructive negative self talk for a long time. Alhamdulillah, I have learnt the importance of good mindset in all areas of life, and now I know how to overcome negative thoughts. I am getting support from Hind as I put into practice what I have learnt and work on making good habits. It would have taken me many years to achieve on my own what I have achieved these past months through Hind's Coaching Academy. In addition to the support with mindset and inner work, is the support and encouragement to certify as a coach and start my own business. I did not see myself as an entrepreneur before coaching with Hind, but here I am today; making plans to start my own coaching career and write a book! This vision is a result of the mindset work we have been doing. I have gone from self doubt, to being brave. A very important change. I recommend Healing with Hind to everyone who need their own change in order to make their goals and dreams a reality. And God knows: you might discover new dreams along the journey.
Zakia Anwar
Transformational Coach
What Students and Graduates Have to Say About the Healing With Hind Coaching Academy

Jalila Krichi – Holistic Health Coach

Fatima Hachem – Branding Coach

Amani Obeid – Holistic Dental Health Coach

Amirah Zaky – Transformational Coach

Amal Zein – Transformational Coach

Yanique Bedward – Business Acceleration Coach

Khalida Dubose – Transformational Coach

Heileen Zein – Transformational Birth Coach

Siddiqa Sarwar – Womb Health Coach

Umm Layla – Relationship and Wellness Coach

Here are some of the brands of past and present Healing With Hind Academy Members 
For even more value and support, you’ll also get these additional bonuses:

Bonus 1

Gold Membership Access to Healing With Hind Success Circle Each Month (A bonus value of £2,364)

Designed to promote your personal development and healing in a systematic way to bring about impactful and transformational change by teaching the principles of success.

You will get 6 months access to 2 x 60 minute group coaching calls to teach about the mindset and strategies for success in your life and business.

This circle is to help develop the mindset and habits to repair and strengthen your marriage, apply a strategy to grow a sustainable business, rebuild your health, balance motherhood with your personal goals, and heal old emotional wounds that prevent you from moving forward.

Bonus 2

1 x 2-hour Live Bonus Business Group Coaching Calls Each Month (A bonus value of £5,964)

Enjoy a live group coaching call with me for further support, coaching, answering questions, to build your business.

Bonus 3

6 Skills Labs for further training and development (A bonus value of £1,800) 

Through the duration of the year you will be able to be lead in various skills labs to give further guided hands on practice with marketing, coaching skills, sales, speaking with confidence, branding, and using language to meet your goals.

Bonus 4

Business Building Retreat (A bonus value of £3,500)

Enjoy access to attend one retreat at location in the UK or Europe where you’ll immerse yourself in a dynamic 3-day live event focused on business building, connection, live coaching, discussion, and exercises to facilitate an even deeper transformation and healing.

Please note that only the cost of attendance is covered in your registration fee (food, accommodation, and travel are not included).

How is Healing with Hind Coaching Academy different to other coaching programs?


The Healing with Hind Coaching Academy isn’t just a regular business school. It’s a complete holistic path to build both a thriving business and fulfilling life you love.  The model used in this coaching academy is for each individual woman to understand and learn the process of transformation for herself by applying the transformational system to her own life first, before she then helps others. When you become certified from this Academy, you will be leading by example, and your life will be in alignment with what you teach, practice and facilitate.


This is not a cookie-cutter business model where you simply follow someone else’s blueprint, regardless of it feels aligned to who you are. In this Academy, you’ll gain clarity on your message, understand and claim their unique gifts that God has gifted you, and no longer short-change yourself and the world of your talents. By the end of this process, you’ll create a business model and plan that speaks to your soul, honours your values, combines your talents, and matches your greatness.


Every woman who trains in my Academy is eligible to apply to work in the Healing with Hind Network and be a part of my team. This opportunity is perfect for women want to make money and coach without trying to grow an audience, or may need a bridge to earn money before their business is fully established. You will also have the opportunity to be featured and promoted in my FB groups and podcasts for exposure and experience.

Want a sneak peek inside the Healing With Hind Coaching Academy?

Enroll now to secure your spot in Healing with Hind Coaching Academy

Healing with Hind Coaching Academy is a 12-month programme designed to empower YOU to consistently make $5-$10K months in your business as a transformative coach, mentor, consultant, or educator -- without having to sacrifice your family, marriage, health, spiritual connection, or anything else you’ve worked so hard to achieve in your life.

You’ll join Hind and a community of gifted, passionate women from around the world on this unique approach of unleashing your gifts to serve others from a higher level, and transforming every other area of your life through a powerful path of inner transformation and healing!

Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you enroll now:

A 1-year program with access to 12 powerful modules and activities, divided into:

  • 6 x transformational healing modules and to become a certified coach within 6 months
  • 6 x business building modules to grow your business
  • 2 x  90-minute group calls each month for LIVE support and guidance

6 x 30-minute one-to-one coaching sessions

Expert Interviews and Masterclasses

Private Facebook Support Group

Membership to the Healing With Hind Network

1 x 2-hour Live Bonus Business Group Coaching Call for 6 Months

6 Skills Labs through the duration of the year to give further guided hands on practice with marketing, coaching skills, sales, speaking with confidence, branding, and using language to meet your goals

Access to one business retreat in the UK or Europe

Gold Membership to Healing With Hind Success Circle to access

This entire program with all the bonuses is worth a total value of over £40,356, but it can be yours now at just a fraction of that.

Apply now to speak to a member of our team

Frequently asked


YES! The HWH Academy is still relevant to you even if you are already certified because it goes more into learning the skills of coaching. The holistic design of the HWH Academy helps you build a healthy foundation for success in all areas of life, as well as teaches important business building pieces many coaching schools neglect to teach.

The HWH Academy was created with the average Muslim woman in mind who is juggling family, career, parents and the home. That’s why there isn’t a lot of busy work, class timetables or loads of homework to do.

Instead, each module has been designed purposefully to bring about change and build the foundation for a successful business in as little time as possible. In addition, the lessons will help you reduce overwhelm with powerful mind shifts to find balance and calm in your life.

This entirely depends on the energy, effort, and mindset you apply when working in the HWH Academy. It is possible to start making money right away, as many past students of the HWH Academy have achieved, though it will largely depend on what your focus is and what your own personal needs are.

Healing and transforming is not a linear process and is more often than not intertwined. The HWH Academy was designed to make it possible to simultaneous heal and transform your life through building a business that offers you ultimate freedom.

That’s why in this Academy, you’ll have the tools and support you need to heal, build a foundation for balance and success in all areas of your life, AND simultaneously help you gain financial freedom through creating a coaching business. Depending on what your needs are, you can choose to heal first and then build your coaching business, or you can heal and build a business simultaneously. Regardless, this is the place for you!

In order to become a Healing with Hind Certified Coach there are some basic requirements that must be fulfilled which are listed below.

Certification Requirements:

1. Completion and submission of all required Healing with Hind Coaching Academy modules and activities.

2. Completion of the Coaching Practicum and submission of 15 coaching hours for review, 10 hours of which you must have received payment.

3. Completion of one of the following: 100 Days of Healing, 30 Day Gut Reset, or a minimum of 3 sessions with a Healing With Hind Certified Coach which specialises in Health.

4. Completion of Creating Healing an Emotional Healing System for Women.

5. Completion of 6 hours of private, one-to-one personal mentoring with a Healing with Hind Certified Coach. Each individual can choose what area of their life they would like to receive additional support with including health, marriage, birth or business.

6. Submission of a poem, drawing, collage, piece of writing, flower arrangement, or creative project that is a reflection of your own healing process that took place over the year.

7. Mandatory attendance of a minimum of one coaching call per month throughout the year.

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