Create Abundance and Wealth in ALL areas of your life

Are you a go-getting, ambitious coach, mentor,  transformational leader, or healer who’s ready to 5 x or 10x your income with ease?
Or perhaps you’re looking to heal from depression, anxiety, or having a loving, satisfying relationship with your spouse or children.
Maybe you’d like to gain clarity in your life and develop confidence and sense of inner peace.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

With the breakthrough process and MER (r) you’ll be able to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back from your purpose

I would love to support you in moving forward in reaching your goals.

Here’s what you’ll get by the end of the call with me insha Allah:

  • Benefit 1: More clarity on your bigger vision and goals
  • Benefit 2: Discover what's blocking you from achieving your financial and life goals
  • Benefit 3: A plan to move forward to have your deepest desires
Schedule a time to speak with me. Women who have booked breakthrough sessions with me have gone on to raise their rates with ease, start-up their coaching businesses, end grudges and make peace in their relationships, move forward in their lives with confidence and decisiveness. 

Once you have chosen a time to speak you will be directed to an application for me to assess if you’re ready for the breakthrough process and MER (r). 

Please answer all questions thoroughly and carefully.

Note: This application is not for those who are unwilling to invest the time, energy, and money to get to their next level. You must be ready to leave behind what doesn’t serve you and not look back. You’ve been seeking change for some time, and you’re seriously ready to commit to a solution.

Are you ready to experience success in your business
and life like these women?


“MHM gave me the space that I needed to get more in touch with my body, work on my mindset, accept my emotions and explore my creativity. Month after month, I was able to shed what was holding me back and heal from my past. It has been an intense journey and the biggest lesson that I have learned that success is from the inside out AND that it can be attained while honoring my values. There are a lot of coaching programs but this one teaches you how to prioritize your self-care, your family, your health and how to build your business at your own pace. This is extremely empowering for us Muslimahs to have a program tailored to our lifestyle and belief system. MashaAllah, I can say that I have my own standards of success now. I’m trusting myself more, I’m following my intuition, I’m no longer afraid of life. 

I was able to start-up my coaching business, something a year ago I couldn’t have imagined. Sharing my story of being a hypersensitive woman helped me connect with my first clients and things are just getting started, Alhamdulilahi.”

- Binetou Diagne

“The Make It Happen Mastermind with sister Hind has been one the best experiences in my business and personal life. Sis Hind is amazing with content creation, mindset, leading by example in all areas of her life which is an inspiration in itself. You learn all your interactions from her. Inspiring & very knowledgeable coach in all areas of life, I have benefitted from sister Hind personally by helping me overcome my fears of having my ideas failing and lack of confidence.”

Zahra Parveen

“Even though I had been working on my mindset for some time, when I started out in my business I didn’t realise how big an impact mindset would have on me sustaining my business; as a result I was scrimmaging to find clients. The shift in my mindset has opened up so many opportunities Alhamdulillah! Clients are seeking me now and not the other way around! I have nearly made back my investment in this program and on track to exceed it insha Allah.”

Heileen Zein

“The Make It Happen Mastermind gave me a safe space to voice my concerns as a Muslim woman in business, and talk them out with like-minded sisters on a level playing field. As the Mastermind progressed, I started seeing other areas of my life that were holding me back from being fully being present in my business. The health of my marriage, my relationship with time and my beliefs around building businesses while balancing important family and religious values were all shared concerns in this magnificent meeting of Muslim women. I am now able to freely allow myself to be present with my children, with my housework, with my acts of worship…without nagging guilt about not using my time well. I couldn’t have imagined the amount of internal progress I made happening in one year.  I have been able to build my confidence in my coaching business and raise my rates so that I can continue to grow in what I love! The Mastermind has definitely a game-changer for me in my life, alhamdulilah.”

Jalila Krichi

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