Hind has unconditionally supported me to better my mindset and transformed me in a way I thought was impossible in such little time!”

“I felt safe to confide in Hind. She was gentle with her advice and helped me identify the root of my problem in a short amount of time. I am very grateful.”

  • Khadijah Umm Umar


“In the short time that I worked with Sister Hind Adeagbo, I was able to view my business strategy in a new light. She helped me understand the mental blocks that were keeping me from visualizing the action steps I needed to get to my goal. What I appreciated the most about our conversations was how Hind understood my role as a mother and a wife and was able to discuss practical tips in how I can manage my business around my family – and not vice versa.   


Alhamdulilah, it was beyond my expectations in how much we were able to accomplish. I would definitely recommend Hind’s services.”

  • Kaha Abdi


“I will highly recommend Hind. She is a mom who went through every struggle that all mothers go through yet overcame the obstacles . She is so encouraging, a good listener and full of knowledge. I learnt a lot from her in starting my business as momprenuer. Thank you, Hind, you inspire me and have motivated me to take control of my life.”

  • Feiza Sheikh


“I didn’t know what to expect in my first session with Hind, but she quickly got down to business and brought me to the heart of the matter. She helped me reframe some of my tightly held beliefs, and gently encouraged me to make some needed changes in how I approach both my life and business. There were some tears, and some misplaced anger at her advice (we don’t always want to accept and implement the advice we receive) but she fielded my responses with compassion and grace. I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

  • Janet Kozak, Founder, Resoulute


“Hind is an amazing coach, Mashaa Allah! I’d heard about her services from a friend, but I didn’t know what to expect even as I approached her. I just knew that I needed some guidance on my overall business idea.

I came away from our first session with much more than I could imagine possible in an hour-long phone call. She helped me gain greater clarity on my business vision and objectives and aided me with narrowing down my exact target audience. She assisted me in formulating a plan regarding how I may go about actualising my dreams. Hind really is great at what she does! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


  • Barakah Hassan


“Thank you so much for a great session. I honestly appreciated having someone so skilled at mind blocks talk to me about my own blocks that I wasn’t clearly seeing.”


  • Kaltun Karahi


“I was blown away by Hind’s ability to intuitively get to the core of where my passions lay and encourage me to pursue something I had mentioned only in passing.  She helped me get beyond my apprehension about my capability to actually create my vision by simplifying the idea and narrowing it down to a very specific starting concept..

I’m very grateful to Hind for helping me see ways in which I can potentially make my passion and business aspirations coincide, insha Allah.”


  • Saoirse Nic Giobuin


“I find Hind very natural and down-to-earth; I like her energy and vibe. When we had a chat on Skype, she shared with me her healing journey and I could relate on so many levels. The best healers are those who have suffered themselves, that is why I trust her.” – Nur AlSakina

“Sister Hind Adeagbo is someone who has “been there, done that,” so to speak, which makes her the perfect coach for me. I poured out my heart and she listened to me respectfully without any judgment. In one hour, she motivated me to make a change, and I did.” – AlBayanne

“Since I started with Hind I have been able to make income constantly and I kicked dry months to the curb because my PASSION has become my LIFE and my responsibilities have not been neglected at all. I have made approximately $3600 US, and I’m almost halfway to my target this month…which I intend to hit in the next two weeks! –  Heileen Zein

“Being a mompreneur with a business just over six months old, I reached points where I felt frozen and ready to give up. But deep inside I knew I did not want to quit. Along the way I came to know of Hind’s six-month business coaching program, I needed support, so I signed up and I am glad I did. Every time we met for a live session, Hind would give me the boost I needed, and helped me see the wider image with ALL my different options. With her guidance I have happily signed up to become a certified health coach, certified and running my own coaching business – Fatima Asfour

“Hind helped me realise what has been holding me back all these years and how my personal life can greatly impact my success in business. I have now worked past my fear of getting out and noticed. I am more confident in my ability to balance my family commitments and business. Best of all I am working with my clients providing a service I am passionate about and now aiming towards my first 5k inshAllah! – Amal Zein

“Hind as a business coach was amazing and really pulled out my determination to succeed. I finally had some clear direction to where I wanted to be headed and in a more professional and sustainable way. If you thought about starting a business and don’t know where to to start, I highly recommend you talk to Hind. Each session was uplifting, inspiring, and motivating. – Salma Lingard

“Thanks to Hind, I have gone from dragging my feet about my business goals to actually achieving a few things in a short amount of time. She has been able to give me a sense of confidence and directions, and keep me busy and focused. I love how she really connects with me up close and personal, helping me become a better me and having a better business. I’m slowly putting my dreams into action. This has been one of the best investments I have made towards my business so far.”- Asia Thomas

“Hind came into my life at a crucial point in my business when I’d reached a plateau and had no idea how to move forward. Through her thoughtful questions and probing, I’ve been able to recognise the underlying roadblocks that stood in my way. Little did I know of the self-limiting beliefs I took as my truth; Hind’s approach to not leave any stones unturned has helped me face them head-on. Through her support, I’ve gained the much-needed clarity to take myself and my business to a new level.” – LaYinka Sanni | Editor & Writing Coach. Writer. Teacher.

“The biggest tangible change I noticed since beginning my program is an overall increase in energy and the ability to make better food choices. Hind is supportive, patient, helpful and knowledgeable. I’d recommend her to someone looking to make a lifestyle change who needs help taking a step in the right direction.” Sharon Yearwood

“Hind’s friendly, focused and wise approach helped guide me to the causes of my health issues and make manageable and realistic changes to resolve them. I am energetic with almost no aches and pains, and sleeping better. I completely overhauled my diet and feel significantly better.” Farheen AlEidross

“Hind helped me ease the fatigue and pain I was experiencing from Lupus by helping me focus on prioritizing in my life. She also made me understand that certain goals will take longer to accomplish and that consistency is a major factor in accomplishing them. Within the first three weeks of our coaching session I had a major decrease in pain. The way I communicate with my spouse and children is better and my thought process and approach to dealing with difficult situations has improved.” Heileen Zein

“Before I was coached by Hind, I did not take nutrition seriously. I would eat foods that decreased my energy and mood. Once we worked together, I saw a major difference in both. Hind was able to help me target the foods necessary for optimal health. She was enthusiastic yet patient. I highly recommend her services.” Fatima Salaam

“Alhamdulillah I believe Allah made Hind the means by which I was able to take very positive steps towards better health. What she encouraged me to do within a few months helped me growstronger and healthier and set the tone for the diet I follow and benefit from now. I can honestly say that Hind put me on the right track, alhamdulillah.” Umm Ubayy

“I approached Hind shortly after I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). With doctors recommending medication I didn’t feel at ease and believed my lifestyle was the cause of the condition. I began to lose weight and my fatigue and mood swings lifted. Six months after being diagnosed with cysts on both ovaries I was told by my doctor that the right ovary was now clear and the left ovary had very few cysts. I then became pregnant with my fourth child after four years and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.” Jihan Bazan

“I don’t think I would have remained so determined for as long as I did without Hind. She held my hand and helped me stay focused. I loved that her coaching went beyond eating and incorporated exercise and supplements to further support my healing. It was nice having someone remind me why I was doing what I was doing and encouraging me, which helped me follow through on my goals.”Umm Abood

“I have lost 15 kg to date, and feel the best I have in years. Working with Hind I had an overall increased feeling of energy and wellness. My sleep and acne have really improved, and I am dealing with stress much better. It’s exciting as it feels like things are finally falling into place for me.”Umm Owais

“I would highly recommend Hind as a life/health coach. She has been supportive of all my needs and goals, whether they are health-related, career-oriented or related to relationships.

I have high respect for Hind’s advice and her balanced approach and perspective. She is passionate about what she is delivering and that can have a huge impact—if you are willing to make a change from the monotonous lifestyle you may be in.”Samina Razaq