Are you wanting to 10x your personal development and healing in a group of go getting Muslim women focused on transforming their relationships with money, their families and their health?

Join me for the Make It Happen Mastermind LIVE International Healing Retreat 

You'll get to learn, relax, have fun, form deep friends, and experience a huge jump in where you'd like to be with love, health, and wealth. 

Our 2018 Destinations insha Allah are

Marrakesh Morroco

Toronto Canada 

Sydney Australia 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Other locations in UK and Europe to be announced insha Allah.

Want to get a heads up notice and first chance access to apply for one of these retreats?

"This Live Event was so intense mashaAllah! We had the privilege and opportunity to face our personal stories and breakdown the obstacles that are keeping us stuck literally! Alhamdulillah...moving forward is so much easier now that we have offloaded the excess baggage!" - Heileen Zein