Turn your talent into sustainable six-figure business online

Keep reading for an invitation to a new way of earning for the ambitious Muslim woman striving in all areas of her life.


Now more than ever mindset, emotional healing, and financial autonomy are needed to thrive. Are you ready to Start-up ?

Make your first 24K online as a coach/creative/consultant or healing service provider.

I know you are looking for guidance, security, and sustainable ways to take care of yourself and your family. I want to help you move forward to create positive change and give you options for financial abundance in these challenging times. Are you ready to learn the tools and be the woman who has it all?

Create Consistent and Sustainable 2K months by the end of the year through a business model for the ambitious Muslim woman like you

So I know you want to create a six-figure business. The key to creating that six-figures is starting. Everyone starts somewhere. The fastest way to create a sustainable six-figure business is to do it one step at a time. That may not sound wow factor fancy, but it’s tried and proven. By focusing on your first consistent 2k months, you’ll be building your foundation to make six-figures in addition to earning as you go. The trick is knowing what steps to take and in which order to avoid overworking, burnout and wasting time and money along the way.

Allah has placed the world seemingly overnight in what may feel like unsure circumstances. You may be feeling uncertainty more than ever before. Perhaps your job has cut down hours and you’re feeling the crunch of stretching your monthly salary. Or maybe your local based business is closed which has caused your revenue to plummet and sent you scrambling to keep your head above water. Whatever your situation, I know the recent events have caused you to reflect on your financial situation somehow. No matter how you look at it, investing in an online business can give you peace and security to make money to care for your family.

I have news for you. You’re in the perfect place at the perfect time. Instead of drowning in overthinking you can utilise the current uncertainty to create a new financial plan and direction for yourself. You’ve been denying yourself and holding yourself back for TOO long and your time has arrived.

Even though panic, fear and anxiety over the future is everywhere you turn, the ambitious side of you is ready to rise to the equation and create a solution and take control over your destiny.

You have a choice to work on your own mindset, financial well- being, and create a thriving business so you finally fulfill your dream of the woman who truly has it all.


Wait and see what happens...

Either way, it is THE TIME to proactively work on creating sustainable income for you and your family. 

Allah has given you a strength, gift, and talent that has become your passion.

You are already an expert in something…

My Mission: to help you uncover your expertise and build a business around it so you can create consistent, sustainable income for yourself and your family.

In other words, I want to show you how to take the skill set you ALREADY have and create cash, clients, and a clear business model that allows you to have a stress free life while you earn. 

If you feel in your heart that there is no time to waste and can see clearly this is the moment to get your money right and create financial abundance, tremendous opportunity is available for you now.

YOU can unlock an abundant life of possibilities in Your Six-Figure Start Up

Your Six-Figure Start Up is a unique experience created to give ambitious Muslim women looking to create consistent income an opportunity to:

Learn solid business skills to earn consistently.

(No more feast or famine)


Build the business foundation to create a six-figure business.

(No more wasting time throwing spaghetti on the wall trying to figure it out on your own)


Develop an entrepreneurial, success, and growth mindset.

(No more being held back my thoughts and habits keeping you from financial autonomy)


Achieve harmony within your life as you build your business.

(No more overwhelm while earning)

How can “Your Six-Figure Start-Up” help you create a sustainable income online?

The Your Six-Figure Start-Up philosophy, method, and curriculum is based on my Wealthy Wayfarer Model. This model was specifically developed to support Muslim women to create sustainable wealth that’s in alignment with Islamic values while they thrive. In this program, our clients work on the foundational aspects of six-figure business skills, and mindset to create sustainability and balance in their lives and businesses.

Here are some solid reasons why you may want to consider joining Your Six-Figure Start Up RIGHT now:


Finding a way to work from home and create a sustainable income is more essential than ever. With schools closed, and jobs shifting, it’s vital now to learn to create an income that is relevant in our time. This is the best time to create an online business as people are looking for support and services. Aligning your skillset and being relevant right now will open up financial opportunity for you insha Allah.

And let’s face it…you’re the main earner and need to keep earning to keep things going.


Your Six-Figure Start-Up will give you the foundational skills in business and the start-up knowledge on how to create a business that is relevant in today’s climate and make money. Right now you need solid business skills not marketing hype to create a consistent income for yourself online. Our in-depth process that I teach will allow you to make the money that you can sustain.

What you really want is to have a way to earn where you’re not worrying about money.


In our current climate, mental and emotional well-being are essential for people to maintain their families, jobs, and personal well-being. Many individuals are experiencing anxiety, intense negative emotions, and facing sudden challenges in their lives. Learning cutting edge tools to help individuals develop an abundance mindset, communicate better, focus, be more productive and release negative emotions is needed more than ever regardless of what industry you work in. This then becomes a win-win for you and your potential clients and gives you a competitive advantage and skill set.

If you’re not feeling confident to stand up and stand out to create a business, you’ll be in your head forever and will not moving forward know-how.


The majority of courses, and business-related programs do not address mindset, emotions, AND business in a systematic way. The reality is, it takes more than a skill set for any individual to get results in business and make money. By adding NLP, MER ®, Hypnotherapy to your repertoire you will not only see your mindset and emotional resilience improve, but you will have a skill set to also help clients results significantly get better results no matter what you do, making you a go-to person in whatever industry you are working in.

Why sit and watch your financial situation stay get worse when you can make with ease on your own terms?


With the option for you to certify as a transformational coach, if that path suits you, you have a way to combine all your talents, passion, life experience and personal growth into ONE business which allows you to SHINE as your true self. You can take your pre-existing skill set in any field and apply it to the coaching industry. You also have the option of adding on coaching to your pre-existing skillset to create an add on service, depth, or pivot to your work.

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not…adding coaching to any service adds dollars to your bank account.


Once you build your business online you can work from anywhere in the world which means you’ll have both time freedom and financial freedom while earning income. This flexibility is needed today more than ever.

Isn’t this better than depending on someone to employ you and being on their schedule where they own your time and life?

My path to creating a sustainable online business will in itself transform your own life, and finances Bi’IdhnilLah.

What this means is you can: 

  • Have a profitable business with a consistent income and purpose.
  • AND have a close kinship with family, friends and community.
  • AND not experience overwhelm, stress, and burnout trying to create a living for yourself.

It’s time for Muslim women to REALLY have it all instead of talking about it. And it is possible.

If the idea of having all of these deeply resonates with your heart and calls out to your soul, then you’re at the right place because Your Six-Figure Start-Up will lead you on a path to achieve all these, InshaAllah (God Willing).

This 6-month programme will inspire and educate YOU to learn how to consistently make money in your business as a transformative coach, mentor, consultant, doula, artist, or alternative healing modality without having to sacrifice your family, marriage, health, spiritual connection, or anything else you’ve worked so hard to achieve in your life.

Come join me and a community of high achieving Muslim women from around the world in unleashing your gifts to serve others from a higher level, and create a sustainable income through a powerful path of inner transformation and healing!

Hind Adeagbo
Founder of Healing with Hind

How can “Your Six Figure Start Up” change your life and income forever?


Through my revolutionary system, clients work on the foundational aspects of six-figure business skills, and mindset to create sustainability and balance in their lives and businesses. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and changing the way you think is the way to think yourself rich instead of hustle. Outlined below are the four main stages of foundational mindset work you will experience in Your Six-Figure Start-Up.


Identify the patterns which hold you back and are no longer serving you.

When you are in your own head, every story you tell yourself makes sense and every excuse is justified. But this is exactly what keeps you stuck, stressed and overwhelmed. In Your Six-Figure Start-Up, you’ll experience a proven coaching process to peel away the blind spots and identify the dysfunctional patterns you are subconsciously operating from.


Heal the past and release the negativity surrounding those limiting patterns.

Once you identify the dysfunctional patterns you subconsciously operate from, you’ll be able to heal and release the negative emotions attached to it such as anger and resentment. You’ll no longer be subconsciously chained to these unhealthy patterns of operation and negativity which have been holding you back from a life of joy and abundance.


Design new behaviour patterns and habits which empower you.

Next, you’ll learn how to design new patterns to support building your dream business and life. Self-sabotaging patterns like playing small, cycles of passive-aggression, procrastination, perfectionism and paralysing fear will melt away and be replaced with clarity, confidence and purpose. You’ll be empowered to show up differently in life, and people will respond differently to you too.


Enjoy growth and transformation to make the sustainable income you desire.

When you operate from a new place of empowerment, you’ll unlock barakah, peace and flow. As one area of your life heals, it supports the healing of other areas. It’s now so easy to handle all your different roles including creating a sustainable income that you can maintain over time. You now have balance to serve others powerfully in a flexible business without sacrificing yourself or what you value.

Here’s How “Your Six-Figure Start-Up” Works


You’ll have access to a foundational business system designed for your understanding and development in the online space to create your first consistent 2K monthly online.

Most women are running an online hustle and not a business. Create an entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to start-up a sustainable business so you earn consistent income on your way to making six-figures. The curriculum and business coaching teach Muslim ladies foundational business skills in addition to strategies so they can create their own version of success.


2. Online modules in NLP, MER ® , and Hypnotherapy for support with mindset and emotional balance.

Used by coaches, business leaders, and top-ranked professionals, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is scientifically proven to reprogram, transform, and empower the brain to achieve more in life. MER ® (Mental and emotional release) is the number one therapy tool for releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. And hypnotherapy is an empowering process to let go of limitations and break out of disempowering habits to make better choices. You will learn these skills to help both you and your clients to reach your goals and consistently achieve results in business and life. You’ll have access to training materials with the option to certify if you would like.


Weekly 60-minute group calls each month (during term time).

For support and guided access through the business modules, online trainings, and workbooks.


Expert Interviews and Masterclasses.

Learn from successful fellow entrepreneurs, including 6- and 7-figure business owners, and various experts about personal development, healing, and business building, parenting, relationship building, and mindset development so that you can model how to create a balanced life around your business.


Private Support Group.

You’ll join a private community of like-minded women from around the world who are building a business on self-identified terms, at a personal pace, and with similar values. Here in this supportive environment, you can open up, be yourself, and feel safe to share your trials, failures, and triumphs with other women on the same journey.


Pre-recorded lessons, workbooks, templates.

to support you in becoming a masterful coach, and develop a sustainable business.

Advanced Transformational Healing Coaching Certification

The certification track is a new option for those who would like to certify as a coach, and learn NLP, MER ® and Hypnotherapy skills to practice in your work. In addition to the above, students in the certification track will receive:


Coaching review report and skill feedback.

For additional focus and guidance in your personal business journey or coaching pursuits.


Skills lab to practice NLP, MER ® , Hypnotherapy, coaching techniques, and business skills under supervision with support.

See how other gifted ambitious women like you fulfilled their business dreams and created income by working with Healing With Hind


I decided to sign up for Healing with Hind after realizing that I need support with motivation to do the things that will bring me closer to my goals. I wanted to improve my health, and be more productive in life by mastering time management. 

My inner health required attention as well, since I had been in the habit of destructive negative self talk for a long time. Alhamdulillah, I have learnt the importance of good mindset in all areas of life, and now I know how to overcome negative thoughts. I am getting support from Hind as I put into practice what I have learnt and work on making good habits. It would have taken me many years to achieve on my own what I have achieved these past months through Hind’s Coaching Academy. 

In addition to the support with mindset and inner work, is the support and encouragement to certify as a coach and start my own business. I did not see myself as an entrepreneur before coaching with Hind, but here I am today; making plans to start my own coaching career and write a book! This vision is a result of the mindset work we have been doing. I have gone from self doubt, to being brave. A very important change. 

I recommend Healing with Hind to everyone who need their own change in order to make their goals and dreams a reality. And God knows: you might discover new dreams along the journey.

Zakia Anwar

Working with Hind really exceeded my expectations. Before entering her coaching program I was drawn to the fact that we had so many commonalities : wife, mother, and of course Muslima. Up until that point I was following and trying to imitate the business strategies of men and woman who had very different lifestyles and than me. The end result was me feeling even more anxious and unsure of myself. Through Hind’s program I realized that how I show up in one area of my life is how I will show up across the board. Thus if I want a successful business on my terms it can’t be built in such a way that it takes away or negatively impacts those whom I value most: my family. Subconsciously before I entered her program I though I had to choose: Great marriage, emotionally healthy children, or successful career; Hind has proven that as Muslim woman we no longer have to choose. She is super “successful” in the space she has created for herself and has provided a blueprint for the rest of us to follow.

Quesia Raqib


I joined the Coaching Academy to gain focus and discipline in my business, and to work for a better balance with my family life, volunteering and paid services. Not only have I gained clarity, and a greater value of my time, but I’ve also  gained a supportive community and friendships. Hind is a great facilitator and transformational coach, and ( no buts!). She’s also humble and discrete in the way she brings it all together masha Allah. May Allah increase her in good and everyone who wants to travels the journey with her.

Umm Nour


The Healing with Hind Academy helped to remove an emotional blindness I’d been unaware of my entire life. When I started the program, I was struggling in many areas. I had unhealthy patterns, and ways of communicating and relating in my closest relationships. I struggled with what was thought to be depression and anxiety for as long as I could remember. And my spiritual journey had been fraught with difficulties and setbacks. When I reached utter desperation, I started searching for help with my marriage, my moods and my lack of motivation.

I believe it’s a true blessing that I crossed paths with Hind and enrolled in her program.

Although I had achieved some of my goals in the past, I didn’t understand what was holding me back from truly believing in myself and achieving my potential. Through the Creating Healing Program, I learned many of the skills needed to heal, change and grow in my personal life. I was able to recognize and become aware of unhealthy patterns and thought processes. Prior to this program, I didn’t know what a boundary was; I didn’t know how to build confidence, and I didn’t know I was capable of starting a business or even coaching others!

The MER breakthrough sessions facilitated my understanding of emotions and mindset. I could see how I allowed past experiences, hurts, and traumas to navigate me towards harmful relationships over and over. More importantly, I realized what aspects of my own behaviors needed to change. This new strength is the foundation for the growth and self-awareness needed in generational healing that could benefit my children. And through healing, I’ve begun to see clearly enough to re-focus on improving spiritually. That has made all the difference and more.

Hind is an amazing coach and example to women like myself, whom she inspires to pursue well-being and success!

Umm Anayah


I came across Healing With Hind and saw that it focused on creating the life that you dream of by transforming yourself as well as working on your business. So, I thought that this was a great opportunity for me. I learned so much because it’s packed with so much information and knowledge masha’Allah. 

The greatest benefit I had was seeing a lot of progress as I improved as a person Alhamdulillah. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a lot of things that I never imagined I would do. I always preferred to work behind the scenes on my screen and keyboard and hoped I wouldn’t have to talk to people. It wasn’t something I used to at all, getting on camera, being in front of people, and talking. I improved immensely as an individual and in my business as a result of that too. 

I would definitely recommend this Academy to others because we all need the support, first of all. I was stubborn before that and kept telling myself that I don’t need help, I’m independent. But it turns out, support makes all the difference. It was the number one thing that I needed to get going, everything else after that was amazing. Allah made it possible for me to get help and now I know that everyone should seek the help and support they need to advance in their life and business. No one’s perfect and you can’t know everything on your own. 

You need support from like-minded people and to join a community where everyone supports one another in reaching their goals. That’s the main reason why I recommend this Academy in addition to it being a complete one-of-a-kind program that will transform you in so many ways.

Fatima Hachem

What Students and Graduates Have to Say About Working With Healing With Hind 


Jalila Krichi – Holistic Health Coach

Amani Obeid – Holistic Dental Health Coach

Yanique Bedward – Business Acceleration Coach

Heileen Zein – Transformational Birth Coach

Janet – Transformational Coach

Hamdalah Sanni – Transformational Coach

Apply for Your Six-Figure Start-Up

How is Your Six-Figure Start-Up different to other business programs?

1. They’re not just theoretical concepts.

Your Six-Figure Start-Up isn’t just a regular business school, NLP training company, or coaching program. It’s a complete holistic path to build both a sustainable business and fulfilling life you love. The Wealthy Wayfarer model used in this program is proven to help Muslim women create a sustainable income while maintaining their values. As our focus is on basic business skills and mindset, each individual woman is supported to understand and learn the foundational business skills in addition to the process of transformation for herself by applying them to her business and life for success. When you finish this program, you will be leading by example, and your life will be in alignment with what you teach, practice and facilitate. In addition, you will build your business capability in a way to give you confidence, an abundance mindset and the ability to finally create consistent income online insha Allah that a majority of online healers, consultants and coaches do not have. This will give you an advantage and strong positioning in your business.

2. You’ll design a purposeful, thriving business true to who you are.

Often when women are not able to succeed in business it is because they are blindly copying tactics ‘gurus’ have taught in the online space that don’t resonate with them. Your Six-Figure Start-Up doesn’t teach a cookie-cutter business model where you simply follow someone else’s blueprint, regardless of it feels aligned to who you are. In this Academy, you’ll gain clarity on your message, understand and claim your unique gifts that God has gifted you, and no longer short-change yourself and the world of your talents. By the end of this process, you’ll create a business model and plan that speaks to your soul, honours your values, combines your talents, matches your strengths AND makes you money.

3. You’ll have the opportunity to join hundreds of like-minded ambitious Muslim women from around the world with similar values creating an online- location free business.

Finally, a place for ambitious women like you to shine that doesn’t encourage burnout and overworking as a value! I know you are often considered crazy for your goals, big ideas, and dreams. I also know that your go-to method for getting results has been overworking, hustle, and overachievement such that what is most important to you gets crowded out. Your Six-Figure Start-Up was purposefully created for ambitious God-focused women like you to thrive. No more shrinking back and playing small to keep others comfortable, no more hustle, no more sacrifice your soul and well-being for success. For the first time perhaps in your entire life, you get to show up unapologetically as yourself and be supported to work in a holistically sustainable way that gives you wealth, worship, and well-being.

Frequently asked questions

I already have an online business, is Your Six-Figure Start-Up appropriate for me?

YES! Your Six-Figure Start-Up is still relevant to you even if you already have an online business because it specifically teaches the foundation of how to create a sustainable six-figure business online while you are successful in other areas of your life. Many online business owners have never learned fundamental business skills, a success mindset, or know how to maintain and create consistent income without working themselves into the ground. This program gives you all the foundational tools.

I feel pretty overwhelmed now. If I join the program I don't want to be completely pushed over the edge. Is there a lot of work in the Academy?

Your Six-Figure Start-Up comes with a roadmap and step by step guidance on what to focus on to build your business systematically. It was created with the average woman in mind who is juggling family, career, parents and the home. That’s why there isn’t a lot of busy or filler work.

Instead, our system has been designed purposefully to bring about change and build the foundation for a successful business in a sustainable way. In addition, the lessons will help you reduce overwhelm with powerful mind shifts to find balance and calm in your life as you make money.

How long will it take before I start to make money in my business in Your Six-Figure Start-Up?

This entirely depends on the energy, effort, and mindset you apply when working in Your Six-Figure Start-Up. It is possible to start making money right away, though it will largely depend on what your focus is,  what your own personal needs are, and how much prior business experience you have. Either way, it takes time to build the foundation of a six-figure business that produces consistent results.

I am brand new to business. Do I need to do anything before joining Your Six-Figure Start-Up?

Your Six-Figure Start-Up was created for ladies who are brand new to business and for ladies who are more experienced but not yet making the consistent money they want. Either way in the program you’ll walk through the basic fundamental skills and knowledge for creating an online business from the beginning and be supported to create consistent income.

How to Give Value In Your Content(without burnout and giving it all away)

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