Hey there, sister. I see you.

You’re a high achiever with the will to push for more.

You made the grades, earned the degrees, and completed the certifications.

You landed the job, you grew your family, and you made the money.

And “having it all” feels a little… tiring.

You deserve to have a sustainable balance without compromising your values.

Our Motto Is Simple: Financial Independence on Your Terms

As Salaamu Alaikum, I’m Hind. 

Mom of seven, businesswoman, and coach.

Just like you, I’ve always been a high achiever, pushing myself beyond the limits…and then some. But it didn’t take me long before I realized that wasn’t going to do. By ditching the systems I was told to do (but felt wrong) and creating a new system (that felt good), I found a way to create a happy balance between a sustainable business and sustainable life.

I developed my wealthy wayfarer model so I can help you do the same. 

Let’s forget about compromising and work together for wealth that matters in all parts of your life.

I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ve worn all the hats, trying to do all the jobs, running around with all the busy work while trying to keep up with my spirituality, my family, and my health.

And I know, that’s what we’ve been fed.

“Having a business takes all the hustle you can give!”

“Fake it till you make it!”

“If you’re not working hard, you’re not working!”

“You can rest when you die!”

Let me tell you, all those voices need to quiet down. As a sister, and a believer  there’s another one within you, telling you, “There is more to this. What about my next life?.” And that’s the one you need to listen to.

Find the balance that works for this world and next world goals.

Tune in to hear stories of other believing women like you working in business. How to uplevel your mindset, change your habits, and gain business skills so you’re one step closer to your business success. Learn how to get “unstuck” in your business, and work without overworking.

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