This week I spoke about how an online marketer compared the surge of people looking to make money online to the California Goldrush.

Lots of individuals, families, men, women, and children set out looking to get rich on the promise of finding gold.

The reality.

The overwhelming majority of people who went looking for gold didn’t get rich. In fact, a good amount got into debt, and suffered from loss including for some with their own lives.

Who got rich in the Goldrush? Those that were selling the equipment, tools, accessories to the people looking to find gold. Not those searching for gold.

You can listen to episode 59 of the HWH podcast to hear more and this is a perfect segway about why it’s so important to shift your relationship with money.

Your relationship with money drives your behaviour in life, and your business.

What drove the thousands of people to leave their homes, jobs, and life in search of gold?

What did they think money would get them that they currently didn’t have?

What imagination did they have about money such that they were able to leave certainty for the hope of what might be?


Everyone has stories about money. Opinions about money. A Relationship with money.

This relationship with money is shaped by our world view, beliefs, habits, emotions and behaviour surrounding money.

Because one of the outcomes sought from your business venture is to make money, then your relationship with money becomes quite important to examine, especially if you are seeking to have a harmonious life while working in your business.

When taking a look at money, most look at it from the perspective of expanding their money mindset, so they are in the position to make more.

Here are my four reason you want to heal your relationship with money that all relate to creating a sustainable business.

  1. Trust you’ll be cared for no matter how much you earn

Your rizq is written. And even though you may get that on an intellectual level, your emotions and habits are still driving you. For example , working hard to ensure you earn well or neglecting your health and ibada in fear of not having enough

2. Gain satisfaction with what Allah blesses you with

No matter how much money you have you may feel it’s never enough. Earning more isn’t going to change your emotions around money or your habits around money. If you currently experience and live in lack an increase in income won’t suddenly grant you contentment or satisfaction.

3. Help avert the greed for dunya while earning

The Prophet Salah Allahu Alayhi wa salaam didn’t fear for us poverty. He feared for us chasing wealth. If we go into business without taking the time to heal and purify our hearts, we can quickly find ourselves using our business to make more and more money even beyond what we need or can spend. There’s a difference between earning a living and working to accumulate money to help us feel cared for or safe.

4. Develop trust and patience on your business journey

There are different phases and seasons in business. Some phases Allah may open up for you earning. Some phases Allah may want you to create foundation or serve existing clients or work on other projects in your deen or life. When you’re anxious around money or have a story of abandonment, when you’re not earning continuously it could trigger you into losing faith, compromising your values, or start making irrational decisions to keep up with the status quo.

Making money can feel hard, impossible, or like a never ended rabbit hole of demands. When making money in your business has heavy emotions that come with it, trust there is work for you to complete on a deeper level surrounding money and be invested to heal it for the sake of Allah.

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