As small business owners we often feel intimidated by bigger brands. So much so it causes us to over analyse and slow down building our business. Many never even start up because they feel inadequate in their ability to compete or be competent in crowded markets.

And here’s the thing. The likelihood of an average Muslim woman growing and creating a brand like Coca Cola or H & M is rare. Breaking it down even further, an average sister is likely not even going to grow a brand like Marie Forleo or Amy Porterfield.

Before the mindset police come and get me, the statistics bear that out. Only about 1.7% of women in business make over 1 million in revenue each year. In addition, it takes a lot of time, work, drive and focus to grow and maintain that level of business. In addition, as mothers, sisters, daughters, and women of akhira, do we really want to be putting in that type of time into a business when we could be equally pursuing other goals of merit?

I’ve seen behind the scenes in several seven figure brands who were my business mentors and worked alongside many ladies who have the goal to reach seven figures in their business. Building a business and brand isn’t as seamless as influencers make it seem. It takes work that often runs lady’s health, relationship’s and life into the ground. For many, their business becomes a rat race which leaves them exhausted but willing to continue to the chase because it’s profitable in this life.

As women of akhira we get to set our aspirations higher and get that the next life is more important than this life. Our rizq is already determined and a test for us ladies in business is in how we earn it. Do we compromise on our values, cut corners, break contracts, and market in a way that is a bit misleading all for quick internet cash, or do we hold steadfast to our values and building our businesses authentically sat a sustainable pace? Allah will bless some sisters to make six and seven figures in their businesses. Allah will bless other sisters to make 5 figures. And regardless trust that you will be taken care of in the best way. Be willing to build your business in a way that your heart is focused on Allah.

Below are five tips to support you on the journey to creating a sustainable akhira focused business.

  1. Create a business model where your deen is at the centre

What’s important is that we create our own business models that work for our lives and values which includes building a business at a realistic pace that doesn’t cause overwhelm.

2.Trade with other ethical small businesswomen similar to you

Very often the quality of services are better with small brands than some larger brands and yet because some of the smaller brands don’t have a ‘name’ or marketing capability we ignore them. Trading with smaller Muslim brands can not only keep you true to your values in the business building process, it can also create a micro economy which provides online jobs for families and sisters that are paid well without being overworked.

3.Consider creating an endowment with your business

Our communities are in need of many institutions and resources. And the money it takes for us to live well is far less than we could possibly make in a business. With an endowment all of your efforts will be working for you in your akhira and benefit others beyond yourself and family in this world and the next.

4.Give in charity regularly from your business

You can decide to treat charity as a business expense rather than something you give if there is a profit. Giving in charity from your business revenue can create baraka in your wealth and business.

5.Use Islam and Islamic principles to create processes in your business

When considering how you run your business think of your deen first verses typical standard models taught in the mainstream. For example, maybe you create a full pay 5-6 hour work day for sisters, or create a need to know basis policy to avoid gossip and gheeba about clients where possible. Point being, for us as sisters it shouldn’t just be business as usual and we don’t want to recreate corporate systems by default and due to lack of thinking and planning.

Hind x

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