I don’t know about you; this year seems like it’s a year of tests. When speaking with clients, friends, family and my team, many are going through difficulty and struggle inside of life to the extent that this year Is feeling like one big long series of tests.

Are you experiencing the same?

When Allah sends us tests in our lives, they are a means of being patient and drawing near to Him. Those tests can also be a means of healing and finally letting go of emotions, habits, or a mindset that are not serving us for the sake of Allah.


And sometimes the main action required in a test is surrender to the decree of Allah. We all know and recognise Allah is the master of every atom of the universe, to experientially get that in a day to day sense is another matter.

Times of difficult and challenges show us our weak nature as humans and that truly all might, and power are Allah’s.

And in here lies the great opportunity.

There is a tendency to often rely on ourselves, our plans, and our wealth to support us in life.

So much so that we can get out of alignment and integrity with our values because we make decisions that show our lack of trust in Allah.

There is no way we can plan for every eventuality or scenario, have a backup for every disappointment, or devise a strategy to make sure everything is ok all the time.

Put simply, we are not in control.

The challenges in life often remind us of our frailty, and that ultimately, we live in a world of means that Allah controls.

Through the difficulties we experience in life teach us and grant us the opportunity to seek and choose Allah above all else.

Choosing Allah is becoming a more and more difficult choice in a world that is run based on lack of faith, reliance on self, and dependency on other than Allah.

A world where status, wealth, followers, and popularity are more important than faith and following the messenger of Allah Salah Allahu Alayhi wa salaam.

A world where one can indeed feel like a misfit, a stranger, and like no one gets you.

It can sometimes feel lonely to choose the path that is less trodden.

It can seem isolating to want to disconnect from the status quo.

It can feel unsettling to make decisions for your life that no one is making.

It can take courage to choose to return to Allah in all things.

It can feel vulnerable to trust in Allah when everyone is going in the opposite direction of what you think you need and want.

We can therefore choose to view our current tests and struggles from a viewpoint that Allah is reminding us and calling us back to Him in all of our affairs.

I know it can feel easy to keep doing what you’ve always done. Challenges often reveal long standing habits and character traits that keep us disempowered, feeling stuck, and like we’re going nowhere.

Instead of deciding to stick your head in the sand for a little while longer as the storm blows over why not decide to change for the sake of Allah.

I want to inspire you to use your current pain, experiences, lessons, and learnings to decide to make Allah number one in your life*.*

You don’t have to keep filling the void in your life with other than Allah by working yourself

into the ground, zoning out on social media, or feeling pressured and pushed to keep making more and more money.

Everything that Allah sends your way has a purpose.

The affair of the believer is all good.

What is Allah communicating to you and where is He trying to direct your focus?

When we truly place the governance of our affairs with Allah,  a beautiful journey begins to open up.

As you are going through the bittersweet challenges of life this year and continue to find your way, remember that challenges are a sign of Allah’s concern for you.

Challenges are an opportunity to redirect your heart, and a means of calling on and drawing you closer to Him.

And may Allah ease all affairs and reward you for your patience.


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