I believe that self-employment is the best route forward for many to create a flexible way to earn a living.

You may feel the same.

Deadlines, pushing, building, and grinding…are all common workplace scenarios. Not to mention if you’re working and trying to create supplementary income on the side.

And even if you’re not currently in full time work, raising a family IS a FULLtime job.

You may have gone into business expecting or wanting a better, slower, and more relaxed life.

Perhaps you wanted to spend more time with your kids, have more time and resources to take care of elderly family, or even make more while working less.

And then the day comes when your business becomes even more stressful, full on and demanding than your job.

You feel like you need to work night and day, check messenger constantly and always be ‘on’ to make money.

And honestly, what kind of life is that?

If you’ve ever thought, there must be a better way.

There is.

Here’s the catch.

You’ve got to build it.

All the money- making schemes and tactics that are taught online can create clients and cash.

Most are not going to give you what you really crave though.

Financial autonomy on your terms, living a life of meaning conducive to your next life, taking care of your family obligations with peace of mind, healing yourself and becoming a better version of yourself…

All of those are possible…


Only you can make that happen with Allah’s help.

Only you can decide you’re done with the status quo.

Only you can give up the working hard for results mentality.

Only you can stop hiding and go for it.

Only you can stop doing what you’re ‘supposed to do’ to build a business and honour yourself and do what you feel is right to do.

Here’s the thing. It won’t be easy.

It will take courage.

Courage to go against the grain.

Courage to trust your heart.

Courage to be different.

Courage to have the faith that Allah will make a way for you.

Courage to slow down and trust.

Today I want to encourage you not to settle.

Because you only have one life.

There are no tricks to business. Nothing fancy that you have to do. There are no shiny objects that are going to give you instant success.

And at the same time—

Business is easy.

Find a product or service that people want and offer it to them.

Figuring out your offer or product, effectively describing your product or offer, finding your people, serving at a high level with skill, ….

That is what takes time.

So, if you are feeling stuck today, low, discouraged and upset about your financial situation and business I want to tell you this.

Your rizq is written.

Allah has promised it.

You now get to decide how you want to receive it.

The full proof way to deal with No leads-No sales-Crickets?

Remember your rizq is written.

Just because you can’t see where your rizq is coming from in this moment doesn’t mean that it’s not coming.

So now that you know you’re taken care of, it’s time to decide how you want to receive that provision.

Focus on your very next step. Create a plan. Take action in faith. Trust. And rely on Allah.

What I love to do most is to support sisters to figure out their next step in business, create a non- stressful, sustainable plan, take action in faith and let go and surrender their results to Allah.

It’s a process.

If you’re tired of the virtual rat race and want to do business in a different way I feel you.

If you’re looking for another way to build a community other than being on social media all day, I see you.

If you’re wanting a calm way to create an income which helps you to actually create the life that is significant to you, I’d love to help you.

Email [email protected] with the subject “Help” and let me know you’d like support.

Hind x

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