Ramadan Mubarak!

InshaAllah I’ll be writing a brief reflective series this Ramadan of my thoughts and questions I’m asking myself.

Today I want to discuss time.

Most of us have strong feelings about time.

You may feel like you don’t have enough of it, that it passes quickly, that we have little to show for it and that we wish we had more of it.

Ramadan provides a great opportunity to reflect on how you have been spending your time and  can create insight into new opportunities that await you.

This Ramadan has me thinking greatly about my how I spend my time and how

much I’ve changed since last year.

In some ways things are very different and in other ways things are unfortunately pretty much the same.

I’m making a decision that I want to make more time for my worship.

Ramadan has allowed me to see how preoccupied I have been with  my business even though I feel like I’ve been balanced.

What you focus on grows. And as women in business how much time are we really truly focused on Allah?

We can sometimes spend hours a day marketing on social media and can’t find time to read just one juz of Quran daily.

Success in other worldly matters requires time, effort and energy.

Too often a goal can seem too big and too out of reach.

Maybe memorising duas, learning Arabic or rules of trade,  seems hard.

Which causes us to freeze and not do anything.

The time passes and we stay in the same place not because of lack of desire but because of lack of action and resolute purpose.

Had we created a plan and broken things down into small achievable micro goals we would be closer despite how big or challenging the goal seemed.

Had we been real with ourselves and admitted we really do have time, what more could we have achieved?

Are you really spending your time in a way that feels good, leaves no regrets and helps you actually move towards your goals?

Your tomorrow can only be different if you make a new decision about how to spend your time today.

Ramadan tends to be a month that we find time.

We get that it only comes once a year and we each only have so many Ramadan’s in a lifetime.

We want to maximise our time and fill them with acts of worship.

And if we can do this in Ramadan we can also do it in other months.

What goals do you have for yourself this Ramadan?

And even better where would you like to be next Ramadan?

Your life is a series of moments.

May Allah bless you to spend those moments in the best of ways.

And may Allah inspire you to realise where you have moments of time that could be redirected to more important projects and acts of worship.

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