Many Muslim women struggle with trying to find a balance with setting big business goals while not being overly focused on their businesses in a dunyawi way. Some questions I often get is how much am I supposed to work in my business if my rizq is already written and what’s the mindset I should have a person of faith when it comes to pursuing business goals?

Each woman has her own destiny when it comes to business and rizq. Allah will open up for different people different aspects of success in His timing. The thing is, no one knows what that destiny is. And because we live in a world of means, it is our responsibility to set goals and take action based on the goals we set.

Here are a few suggestions of a mindset tips that you can use to approach working in your business in a balanced way. 

  1. Create a sound intention behind your revenue goals

Your intention is the basis for your business success. What is the exact purpose of the revenue goals you set? Be honest with yourself. Are you approaching your business from a mindset of connecting to a higher spiritual purpose or are you setting the goal because you are keeping up with the next milestone in the business space?  Going through the process of setting an intention isn’t a one and done. Be available to check in and revise your intention periodically to ensure you are being true to your values. 

  1. Be serious about your goal 

Once you’ve determined a solid and sound intention, commit to that goal and be serious. Don’t expect results right away and be prepared to do what it takes for as long as it takes to reach your goal. One of the biggest things that hold back sisters in business is spending too much time in negative thoughts and emotions when they don’t get the results they want. If you’re serious about your goal, then be willing to create realistic expectations around your business journey. No one is an overnight success in anything they attempt in life. 

  1. Put in effort and be excellent

Depending on your skill set and the opening Allah gives you it will take you a different amount of time to achieve your goals than another sister. Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. Be prepared to put the amount of effort necessary for you to successfully reach your goals. Perhaps you may have more emotional baggage or healing to achieve first, or maybe you’re naturally good at influencing, so marketing is a breeze for you. The amount of effort you put in will vary due to your prior life and business experience. Remember, putting effort towards a goal isn’t a guarantee or entitlement for results. For this reason, surrender is an important aspect to business success. Aim to be excellent at what you do and be prepared to acquire the skills necessary to reach your goals. 

  1. Take action and focus (on what matters)

Figure out how you can sustainably achieve your goal. There’s no race. You will get further faster by setting a pace that works for you while you focus on the most important things. What you do in what order makes a difference in business. For example, it’s far more important to figure out who you serve and what problem you solve in the beginning than to focus on developing sales skills. Create a mindset that real progress happens over time. There’s no way to know 100% if something is going to work for you and your business unless you try. Taking action creates momentum which is crucial for growth.  Keep the mindset that progress is better than perfection and over time you’ll find even though you weren’t doing as much as you wanted your progress will still be significant. 

  1. Plan and be patient

If you are a woman with a lot going on in her life, creating a plan will help you focus and take systematic steps that matter. Waking up every day and taking random action based on someone’s FB live will keep you busy and not necessarily yield the best results. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. Instead of constantly thinking something is wrong and worrying about what’s happening, choose to plan and execute systematically. Again, Allah will open things in the best of time for you and so be willing to build in faith and keep going even when things aren’t going the way you like. 

In summary, learn to rely on Allah to open results for you in the best of times. At the end of the day, we can only do so much and that is all we are responsible for. Ultimately, your results and success in any area of your life is up to Allah. Be content with Allah has written and keep close to your spiritual goals to keep you truly balanced. 

Remember, putting effort towards a goal isn’t a guarantee or a reason you are entitled to get a certain result. For this reason, surrender is an important aspect to business success. 

Yes, you don’t know your rizq and yes, you can’t change it. You can take responsibility for your thoughts and responsibility for your actions. Decide how important your financial goals are in the context of this life and the next and trust the process. 

At any given time examine your emotional, mental and spiritual states, evaluate how you are working and be prepared to pivot when you feel you are out of alignment. 

If you’re looking for support to build a business while still focusing on your deen find out more about our membership and how we can help you here. 

May Allah bless you on your journey and make it a means of pleasing Him.

To your success,


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