Buy this now! This is what you ‘need’ for your business to succeed. Sell or be sold. Just be more confident and everything will work. I’ll show you how to get clients from your DM’s just like me. Want to double your income this year? I have the secret to how to make money quick online. Are you dreaming of a 10K month, let me show you how.  Tik tok your way to business success. Better yet, why not create more reels to increase your views on IG. No no, it’s all about leveraging a FB group and building relationships.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all and then some.

As women in business we are constantly being suggested to, given advice, and stuffed with ideas about how to be successful in business.

The truth is, it’s not as simple as most hype marketers make it seem. Business success requires time, energy, effort, consistency and Allah’s towfiq. There’s no short cut for anyone and creating a business that is sustainable is very different than generating a few sales temporarily.

Our minds are bombarded and constantly in search for the next technique, strategy, shiny object or silver bullet that is going to magically transform our fledgling business. And in the hope of ‘finding the thing’, time, energy, and money are spent keeping you busy and also likely confused.

What is really going to generate true and lasting business success is knowing what you’re doing and creating a plan to create what you want to see.

The more you have stacked on your plate and in your mind, the harder this becomes.

Less is more.

Calm creates focus. Focus creates simplicity. Simplicity creates sustainability. Sustainability creates consistency. Consistency creates results.

Overwhelm creates confusion. Confusion creates chaos. Chaos creates lack of confidence. Lack of confidence creates procrastination. Procrastination creates a delay in results.

So how do you move out of overwhelm to calm?

I’m glad you asked.

Here are three tips.

  1. Unplug

Do you really need to follow so many ‘gurus’ on social media? Are they helping you gain clarity on the things you can do to specifically move your business forward or to they just create FOMO and make you feel confused as if you’re getting nowhere? Click that unfollow button and get some of your mind space back. Your business success will come from you being true to your values, not by following what everyone else is doing. It will also come from you learning business skills systematically and implementing those skills over time in a way that works for you. Give your mind some space to strategize without all the noise and take action in a way that helps you maintain a pace that is reasonable.

2. Complete a business audit

Random information is really of zero use in terms of helping your business to grow. There are a million and one ways to create and grow a successful business. What model will work best for you given your life circumstances and what is the next step that will give you a quantum leap? Will growing your social media following really help you at the stage you are in business? Maybe you need clarity on your offer or your ideal client instead. You want to know exactly where you are in your business and what your exact next steps could be for your business to grow. That only comes with going through a process of identifying where you are and having the business knowledge to know what is the next action step which if you were to focus on that it would help you move forward the most.

3. Find the business growth pace that works for you

I’ve already spoken about this briefly above and this also deserves its own point.

Working yourself ragged and into the ground is one of the fastest ways to self- sabotage and not be successful. Honour your life and values by acknowledging that your business is not the only metric you care about in your life. Haste and hustle create overwhelm. There’s a difference between having a lot going on in your life and being stretched to the point of burnout. Find the pace of business building that allows you to take small successive steps. Overtime you’ll be able to maintain momentum and clearly see tangible results. You are not behind. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to where you used to be. Everyone has their own journey and it’s up to you to focus on your progress and thank Allah for all of it big or small.

Now’s it your turn. Let me know your plan for reducing overwhelm and experiencing more calm in your business and life?

If you’re ready to reduce overwhelm in you business and get some specific clarity about how to grow your business from where it is to what you’d like it to be click here to book a business audit with me.

To your success,


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