It’s the end of 2015. I’ve decided that I want to create a six-figure business.

I didn’t know at the time what it would take but I knew I wanted it. Six-figures was a symbol of freedom, proof that you could run a business, and the beginning of a new type of life. I wanted to help other sisters with business and six-figures would be my street cred. It was a way to show I knew what I was doing and to gain trust.

And so off I went. Hired the best coaches, sat in top masterminds, and I learned all the things.

I made six-figures.

And then I decided I wanted to be a millionaire. The success metric in business had changed.

For me to keep being a business coach I needed to show I could make even more, go even further and have even more skills.

I hired the best coaches, sat in the top mastermind, and I learned all the things.

But I didn’t create a million- dollar business.

In fact, my business sat at six-figures.

Was there a problem? Did I need to join another mastermind? Maybe I hadn’t applied all I learned. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time.

Maybe, it could be all those things.

And, what I found in my quest was that making money wasn’t that important to me.

I really didn’t need that much money to live, and in fact all of my basic needs were taken care of.

There are numerous sources in our tradition about wealth and acquiring it. If Allah gives or opens the door for masses amount of wealth that’s one thing. If we choose to actively seek it above all else in our lives that’s another.

As a believer, to chase and amass wealth due to status, fear around money, or prestige in the dunya is not recommended for our spiritual well -being.

Upon reflection, the millionaire goal just didn’t have the same feeling or hype around it anymore.

It seemed like a lot of hard work for something that wouldn’t necessarily benefit me eternally.

And the more I thought about it, the million-dollar benchmark in my business felt a bit arbitrary. It wasn’t based on anything substantial other than accomplishing a random goal I set for myself (following the masses). A goal that was trendy in the business space and meant that I knew how to make money.

If I’m honest, maintaining the six-figures was already hectic enough with my already full on life.

I got to the point where I asked myself if I really wanted to spend more of my time chasing a goal based on someone else’s vision of my life.

The answer was no.

And with that no, I gained the opportunity to let go of all the fear, expectations, other people’s opinion of me and choose a goal that was truly aligned.

Have you set yourself upon a trajectory in business that has prioritised your business above all else?

It can appear difficult to challenge the status quo in these times.

And yet as women whose faith and family comes first, this is exactly what is required.

Despite the millionaire hype, making 10K months in business is still a significant milestone many female entrepreneurs new to business pursue.

Sisters are encouraged to not play small and to dream big and aim high.

The online business space has become like an old girls’ club, the main requirements being followers and high paid cash months. Oh, and those followers and revenue must be increasing, and consistent.

We’re told to do whatever it takes to make that money. Hire a coach, run those ads, produce that content, build those connections, share your personal story, and just -keep -working- it -until- money is just rolling into your account in increasing amounts.

Sigh. Breathe. Exhale.

That’s a lot of pressure for someone new to business.

That’s a lot of pressure for someone who is looking for calm and peace in their life.

That’s a lot of pressure for someone who genuinely wants to create a life where their family and Allah comes above all else.

And this brings me to our topic of conversation today.

It takes time to build a business, create substantial revenue and develop a true customer base.

Especially if you’d like that to be sustainable and without burnout.

Most of the stress sisters in business experience comes from what they’ve been taught online and the success metrics the industry puts forward.

What if it was ok to have inconsistent revenue each month?

What if a sister could be successful without a big following?

What if it’s possible to build a business at a sustainable pace that works for all of your life and next life goals?

What if you chose revenue goals that worked for you and your family, life, spiritual and business goals instead of feeling pressured to reach an arbitrary goal?

A good portion of ‘successful models’ in business that we see are not synced with the reality of our day to day lives as believing women.

I want to inspire you, challenge you and support you to create a business that truly fits into your model of the world.

You can create any business model that works for you.

A business model where your relationship with Allah comes first.

A business model where you have guilt free time for your family daily.

A business model where you create your own standards around business success.

A business model where your spiritual practice takes priority over all else.

The catch is that the model that you create will likely not tick all the industry boxes that you use to reassure yourself that you’re on the right track.

You’ve got to be patient and willing to build on your terms.

And most important, you’ve got to believe and trust that you can be successful when you put Allah first in your life over your business and all else.

Be willing to transform your ideas about what a successful business looks like and dismantle the conditioning of what you think you have to do and be to have to create a successful business on your terms.

What could your business look like if you changed your mindset?

What do you want your business to look like in the context of your life?

Instead of asking:

How can I make consistent 10K months?

Ask:  What revenue is appropriate for me given where I am in business and life right now?

Instead of asking:

Doesn’t a successful business create increasing amounts of revenue each month?

Plan to build your business in a systematic way where money is not the only metric of success.

Instead of asking:

Won’t my business go downhill if I’m not always in front of people constantly marketing?

Create a marketing and communication system that works for you, your community and your values that is successful without you constantly working.

So, what does a business look like where a sister prioritises Allah first in her life?

It looks the way you want it to. The actual question is, are you patient to create it.

If you’re interested to create a sustainable business on your terms in the context of your life, then join me for my FREE Business Made Easy Challenge in our private community network group.

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To your success,



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