Most women start off in business wanting to be sustainable, wanting to work by their values, and wanting to have freedom and ease. Over time emotions, mindset, and habits take over and people work to their default of prior programming.

When the main focus in business becomes overwhelmingly about money, then women constantly view their success in business by how much money they are making. Money is one metric of success in business. Ease, time freedom, service, and intention for pleasing

Allah are others.

Have the approach of creating multiple intentions in business and choose to base your actions (and plans) on moving the business forward in all ways, not just revenue-based ways.

Keep your ambition sustainable by choosing activities that stretch versus stress.

As a woman focused on God, your business models, practice, and achievements will look different at any given time than others. Is it possible to have money coming into your business always? Sure, if that’s your main focus, build it that way.

Unrealistic expectations cause stress. Keep high priority items as a focus and be willing to drop expectations and negative beliefs (and emotions) around what you are doing that are not in alignment with your values and preferred lifestyle. As a busy mom or woman working in a job, keeping a strict daily schedule for business and family may have its challenges.

Sometimes you may have more time than others. Being flexible is key to sustainability and moving forward. Use time strategically to get ahead by focusing and having a plan. When time appears fill that time with purposeful things to maximise your success.

If money is not your top priority in life (or business), then your business will reflect that. Not every time will be a revenue building time. Some phases in business you may focus on automation and systems to create ease or free time. Some phases in business you may focus on service and perfecting what you do. You can choose to trust that the money is there in the exact amount that Allah has destined. And because money is not the sole purpose of you being in business, when it’s not there in the amount you want, you continue to build in faith.

In those times, focus on other praiseworthy metrics in your business that aren’t revenue Focused.

Ultimately, you’re not looking for perfection in business and life, you’re looking for baraka.

Let go and get into feminine flow. Be ok with saying no to money and trusting you’ll prosper when you choose God despite the seemingly ‘negative ‘ effect on revenue.

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