Is making a living and providing an income for your family making you feel stretched, worn out and frazzled?

I see you sister. You’ve worked hard to climb the achievement ladder your whole life. You’ve made the grades. You’ve done the degrees. You’ve completed the certifications. You’ve had the great job. You’ve grown the family. You’ve even made the money. All at a price.

It’s time to create a sustainable income and sustainable life where you get to achieve without compromising your values, without stress, and without running yourself ragged.

You deserve to make money with confidence, contentment, and calmness.

Our Motto Is: Financial autonomy on your terms

My name is Hind. I am a mother of six and a businesswoman. I use my wealthy wayfarer model to help ambitious high achieving sisters just like you to create sustainable income. 

No more compromising your spiritual life, your family life,  your health, and your way of life to create the wealth that matters. 

HWH Podcast Episode 47: Renewing Your Intention as Muslimah Business Owner

As salaamu alaikum ladies

Do you ever worry about being caught up so much in your progress that you forget about your akhira?

Sometimes in the go for it and It girl culture of online she who makes the most money wins. And although this can create a lot of dunyawi prestige is this the most important thing in our lives we should be focused on. At the end of the day our rizq is written and everyone will have a different apportioned income set.

Join me today for a mini discussion on how we can re focus as Muslim female entrepreneurs on what is most important for us in this life and the next.

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HWH Podcast Episode 46: How to Really Achieve Your Business Goals

As Salaamu Alaikum,

I’m back! Yes, it’s been a while and I’m ready to jump right in and start supporting you in your business and life success through the Healing With Hind Podcast.

This week, I talk to you about success. Women often think that success is random. The tendency when you see someone achieve a goal is to perhaps think, maybe she’s smarter than me, or has a bigger following than me, or just has more time! Well, all of those things could be true (or not) and actually it really doesn’t matter. So, what does matter? Listen to today’s episode when I start to break down more on the subject of success in business.

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Click here to read about the 5 Success Principles to Catapult You Into Business Success.

And don’t forget, if you’d like systematic support to create a sustainable business on your terms book a call with me at

To your success,

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HWH Podcast Episode 45: Giving Yourself Time to Reach Your Business Goals

One of the biggest reasons why over 80% of female entrepreneurs never reach six figures in their business is due to trying rush the process.

Instead of taking the time to build their business foundation they chase clients, results, and cash.

All of those things are great AND ultimately you want your business to be supporting you year after year after year.

What I know from years of experience is that new start ups are able to make money, the challenge comes with making consistent money in a sustainable way.

Building a way to create this consistent sustainable income is an entirely different goal that requires different thinking.

Has your journey to six-figures been slow and felt like impossible some days?

Don’t give up on your six-figure goals, rather have this mindset shift instead.

Listen to today’s HWH Episode below.

HWH Podcast Episode 44: Getting Back on Track When You are Feeling Derailed In Your Business

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in your business?

Maybe things piled on and you couldn’t juggle them any longer. Or perhaps you had a life changing event happen?

The reality is at some point, most women are challenged to keep their business running between kids, family, work, running the home and religious obligations.

So you’re not alone.

In today’s episode I talk about what happens when you feel you’ve gotten off track in your business and what you can do to get back on track.

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