Is making a living and providing an income for your family making you feel stretched, worn out and frazzled?

I see you sister. You’ve worked hard to climb the achievement ladder your whole life. You’ve made the grades. You’ve done the degrees. You’ve completed the certifications. You’ve had the great job. You’ve grown the family. You’ve even made the money. All at a price.

It’s time to create a sustainable income and sustainable life where you get to achieve without compromising your values, without stress, and without running yourself ragged.

You deserve to make money with confidence, contentment, and calmness.

Our Motto Is: Financial autonomy on your terms

My name is Hind. I am a mother of six and a businesswoman. I use my wealthy wayfarer model to help ambitious high achieving sisters just like you to create sustainable income. 

No more compromising your spiritual life, your family life,  your health, and your way of life to create the wealth that matters. 


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